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Brett Danton: On the EOS C700 with Jaguar Land Rover and Canon Australia

Brett Danton in partnership with Canon Australia and Jaguar Land Rover On the EOS C700, with Danton a Director and Visual Photographer from some of the World’s most iconic Brands in Stills and Motion for more than 20 years, including lectures with Creative Agencies and Photographic Brands.

From Brett Danton:

Canon Australia with Brett Danton On the EOS C300 Mark II:

“Canon Australia commissioned Director / DOP Brett Danton to create a short film demonstrating the Canon C300 Mark II Cinema EOS camera. The resulting film ‘Dreaming of Greece’ was shot over two days using only available light. The majority of footage captured using Canon’s dual autofocus system. The entire production from shoot to final release, took five days. Post was done by Gramercy Park Studios in London.”

VIA: Brett Danton