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Canon Asia: “How to Guide” On the EOS R System

Canon Asia On the EOS R & EOS RP, Shows “How to Connect to Your Smart Devices”, “Focus With a Touch” & “Shoot in Low Light” from the functions and setup for the EOS R System with the Technology, On the EOS R & EOS RP System.

From Canon Asia:

Canon Asia On the EOS R System “Focus With a Touch”:

“Focusing on Canon’s EOS R cameras is made easier thanks to the touchscreen capabilities of the Vari-angle LCD. Capture challenging low-angle shots with the articulating screen, and focus without taking your eyes off the EVF by utilizing Touch and Drag AF!”

Canon Asia On the EOS R System “Shoot in Low Light”:

“Equipped with a large-diameter full-frame sensor, Canon EOS R cameras deliver outstanding low-noise images and videos in the dark thanks to their superb low-light sensitivity, fast and accurate low-light autofocus, and high ISO. You also have an increasing number of RF lenses to choose from, many with wide apertures and optical image stabilisation for you to achieve the perfect shot in the dark!

VIA: Canon Asia