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Canon Asia: “Kawasaki Nightscapes” 2017 Canon PhotoMarathon Asia

Canon Asia and Canon PhotoMarathon Asia with Goto Aki, Shows “Kawsaki Factory Nightscapes” from the Industrial built-up areas of Japan, contestants take Photographs during sunset for the first challenge “Lights & Lines”, from the 2017 Canon PhotoMarathon Asia.

From Canon Asia:

“Photographers from 12 different areas in Asia who had won the Canon PhotoMarathon in their various regions found themselves in Japan for the final round of the contest. For 10 days, the participants toured the country’s sights and scenes and got to know and understand each other’s cultures as well as that of Japan, even as they competed to take the best photos. Instructor GOTO AKI gives us his first-hand account of the group’s memorable journey.”

VIA: Canon Asia