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Canon Asia: “PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2019” On the EOS R & EOS RP

Canon Asia and PhotoMarathon with Goto Aki & Hirokazu Nagane On the EOS R & EOS RP Shows “PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2019” from 9 days across west of Japan over 20 locations with 16 participants with the Technology, On the EOS R & EOS RP.

From Canon Asia:

“16 challengers from across Asia, in a battle for 1 crown. Catch the exciting highlights of the Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2019 that saw the chosen 16 pitting their wits and creativity in on-the-spot photo challenges held across Shizuoka and West Japan. Adding to the fun was a special twist — only EOS R and EOS RP cameras could be used in the championship!”

VIA: Canon Asia