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Canon Australia: “Collective 24-Hour Photography Challenge” with Abraham Joffe & Georges Anotoni

Canon Australia with Abraham Joffe and Georges Anotoni, Shows “Collective 24-hour Photography Challenge” from a brief story with 4 Images in 24 hours to Shoot Photographs and Print, 300km from the Canon HQ, and Canon Collective with Contestants Russell Charters and Mitch Pearson.

From Canon Australia:

“Personal—and photographic—growth comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. We’ve all heard it before, but it’s rarely put into practice.”

“Sticking to what you know is generally more appealing than the risks associated with stepping into the unknown. Maybe that’s why few people make use of this advice.”

“The aim of the Canon Collective 24-Hour Challenge is to demonstrate how you can build creative momentum to break through this barrier.”

“Canon Collective members Russell Charters and Mitch Pearson were our very brave and passionate guinea pigs. They put themselves on the line, and their results show the fruits available to those who take calculated risks.”

VIA: Canon Australia