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Canon Australia: “Great Barrier Reef” with Josh Smith On the EOS 1D X Mark II & EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon Australia with Josh Smith On the EOS 1D X Mark II & EOS 5D Mark IV, Shows “Great Barrier Reef” from above the Great Barrier Reef journey through the largest underwater ecosystem on Earth, a third major Global bleaching event took place in 2016, where 67% of the Northern Reef now believed to have died.

From Canon Australia:

“The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. A grand, underwater ecosystem breathing life into Australia. A national icon of azure, aqua, turquoise, electric and every other shade of blue. Searching for new landscapes to complement his incredible aerial images of rural Australia, photographer Josh Smith found himself joining the fight to save the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Josh became aware of the third major global bleaching event in 2016, where 67% of the surveyed Northern Reef systems are believed to have died. It became a personal project for Josh to capture the beauty of the reef while he still could.”

“Now, more than ever, imagery is the most powerful weapon advocates have in their artillery.”

VIA: Canon Australia