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Canon Australia: “Reflect” THE LAB Getting Personal with Portraits

Canon Australia and THE LAB, Shows “Reflect” self-portraits with three Portrait Photographers with reflections of Photography, or another point of view the Camera unknowingly turned on themselves exploring Portrait Techniques, answering questions as the subject.

From Canon Australia:

“A portrait will always be a personal image for the subject it captures. Our own face is something we find so familiar and yet so alien. It fills us with curiosity about how others see us and how we see ourselves.”

“But for the photographer, the camera can easily create a sense of separation from their subject. The person in front of their lens can quickly become little more than a shape; a technical problem to be solved, or an exercise for their craft.”

“We invited three photographers to a portrait shoot where the gap between shooter and subject is removed, exploring what happens to a photographer’s experience when portraits become truly personal.”

VIA: Canon Australia