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Canon Australia: “Save This Rhino” with Taylor Steele On the EOS C700, EOS C300 Mark II & EOS C200

Canon Australia and National Geographic with Taylor Steele On the EOS C700, EOS C300 Mark II & EOS C200, Shows “Save This Rhino” from a two-part documentary following the depleting rhinoceros population in the South African outback with the Technology, EOS C700, EOS C300 Mark II & EOS C200.

From Canon Australia:

“National Geographic’s Latest Documentary set in the depths of the South African outback, Save This Rhino follows world-class cricketer Kevin Pietersen and the outback wrangler Matt Wright in a two-part documentary to save the critically depleting rhinoceros population.”

“With numbers dwindling at the hands of poachers hunting for the rhino horn, the world is on-track to lose the rhino completely by 2025. It’s why Canon Australia was proud to support the production, equipping legendary filmmaker Taylor Steele and his lead camera operator, Thomaz Labanca with the ultimate Canon film cameras—EOS C700, EOS C300 Mark II, EOS C200—and a range of cine and EF lenses to tell this story.”

VIA: Canon Australia