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Canon Australia: “Show Us What’s Possible” Glacier Projections with Vaughan Brookfield

Canon Australia and Heath Paterson Films with Vaughan Brookfield and Tom Lynch, Shows “Show Us What’s Possible” from a Projection Challenge created for the Environment in New Zealand’s Tasman Glacier, Canon Australia challenged Professional Image-Makers to create the most remarkable personal project.

From Canon Australia:

“At the start of this year, we challenged professional image-makers to create the most remarkable personal projects they could, by offering support in the form of funding, equipment, technical support, and promotion.”

“Since then, an expert panel’s been selecting projects to support as part of ‘Show Us What’s Possible’.”

“This short film documents the journey Vaughan Brookfield and Tom Lynch took while bringing their project to life — the first offical selection from the expert panel.”

VIA: Canon Australia