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Canon Australia: “Show Us What’s Possible” An Open Brief for Personal Photography Projects

Canon Australia with Simon Harsent, Georges Antoni, Katie Milwright, Chris Searl and Petrina Hicks, “Show Us What’s Possible” for Photographers, Cinematographers and Creative Artists through a series of Projects with Artists, from an open brief for personal projects and Influential Images with Portfolio.

From Canon Australia:

“If you’re a professional photographer, cinematographer, creative or artist, and have a personal project you’ve dreamed about bringing to life, now could be the time to make it happen.”

“Throughout 2017, Canon Australia will be supporting a series of projects with funding, equipment, technical support and promotion, as selected by some of the most respected and esteemed members of Australia’s professional imaging community — who you can meet here as they discuss how the work of another artist influenced their own, and share their thoughts on just how influential an image or a body of work can be on another.”

VIA: Canon Australia