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Canon Australia: “Tales by Light” Season 2 Trailer

Canon Australia with Jonathan & Angela Scott, Eric Cheng, Stephen Dupont and Abraham Joffe, Shows “Tales by Light” Season 2 Trailer from the journey of four Professional Photographers across World Cultures and Nature from demons of the deep including the juxtaposition of life and death with Tales by Light.

From Canon Australia:

“Discover our extraordinary world through a stunning cinematic experience—following the journeys of acclaimed photographers pursuing their personal projects. Their aim: changing people’s perceptions through art.”

“Shot in stunning 4K resolution, Tales by Light Season 2 is an unforgettable journey, which shares the journeys of four passionate photographers who see the world differently and want to share what they see through their craft.”

“From the art of sacred nature, to the demons of the deep and the juxtaposition of life and death, this three-part season follows their mission to challenge perceptions of life and nature.”

VIA: Canon Australia