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Canon Australia: “Travel and Astrophotography Guides” with Wil Calabio & Larryn Rae

Canon Australia with Wil Calabio & Larryn Rae On the EOS R50, EOS R5 & EOS R8, Shows “Travel and Astrophotography Guides” from the best travel and astrophotography tips find out the perfect lenses, equipment and settings for video and photography with the Technology, On the EOS R System.

From Canon Australia:

“Astrophotographer Larryn Rae chats us through all things astrophotography, sharing his top tips for capturing stunning shots of the night sky. He’s got you covered for everything from gear recommendations to composition tricks.”

“We’ve also put together the ultimate location guide for you to discover the best locations around Australia to practice your astrophotography skills. So grab your camera and prepare to witness the magic of the cosmos through Larryn Rae’s lens. It’s time to shoot for the stars!”

VIA: Canon Australia