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Canon Australia: “Underwater Photography” Darren Jew On the EOS 1D X

Canon Australia with Darren Jew On the EOS 1D X, Shows “Underwater Photography” from a Career in Professional Photography with a portfolio in Landscape, Wildlife and Oceans over a 30 year Career, Darren Jew Shares his portfolio Exhibiting the intimate moments of captured life under the Ocean.

From Canon Australia:

“Darren Jew has photographed the planet’s landscapes and wildlife from Antarctica to Zambia over his incredible 30-year photography career – on mountain peaks, desert plains and beneath the ocean’s surface.”

“Darren’s particular passion for photographing whales brings him back to Tonga year after year, where Untitled Filmworks’ Abraham Joffe joined him in 2013 to capture his journey.”

“Darren shoots on the Canon EOS 1DX, with lenses EF16-35f2.8LII and EF 8-15mm f4L fisheye, plus Nauticam underwater housings.”

VIA: Canon Australia