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Canon Brasil: “MAGNA” with Cristiano Xavier On the EOS 5DS

Canon Brasil with Cristiano Xavier On the EOS 5DS, Shows “MAGNA” from Expeditions to Nature and Landscape Photography with a communication between earth, sky and light through the relationship of nature through Photography, On the EOS 5DS.

From Canon Brasil:

“The photographer and partner of Canon and CPS Brasil through OneLapse Photographic Expeditions, Cristiano Xavier, launched in 2018 the book “MAGNA” along with the Vento Leste Editora. Beautiful and breathtaking landscape and nature photography were captured with our Canon EOS 5Ds camera and the EF Series Lenses.”

“In this video, Cristiano Xavier speaks briefly about his relationship with nature through photography and invites us to immerse ourselves in the subject more by the book “MAGNA”.”

“MAGNA is a joint work. Communion of earth, sky and light. The distance between one image and another defies the breath. You have to stop to orient yourself, let your sight wander, and then focus on trying to understand such beauty.”

VIA: Canon Brasil