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Canon Deutschland: “Documentary Compact Cine-Servo Lenses” with Börres Weiffenbach, Clemens Boecker & Simon Schaffrath

Canon Deutschland with Börres Weiffenbach, Clemens Boecker & Simon Schaffrath On the CN-E18-80 & CN-E70-200 Lenses, Shows “Documentary Compact Cine-Servo Lenses” from shooting productions and documentaries find out how the compact lenses perform in the field with the Technology, On the Canon Cine Servo Lenses.

From Canon Deutschland:

“In this video, three DoP’s report on their different experiences with the “Compact Cine Servo Lenses”, the CN-E18-80 and the CN-E70-200. Börres Weiffenbach, who has made several award-winning film documentaries and teaches at the DFFB, filmed one of his documentaries with the 18-80. Clemens Boecker has accompanied Joey Kelly on his tours around the globe for years and is convinced of the optical performance and the robustness of the two lenses. For Simon Schaffrath, the 18-80 is the best choice when it comes to speed in S35 promotional shoots.”

VIA: Canon Deutschland