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Canon Digital Learning Center: “Video Journalism” with Jem Schofield On the XA20 & XA25

Canon USA and Canon Digital Learning Center with Jem Schofield On the XA20 and XA25, Shows “Video Journalism” from recording functions and adjustments for Camcorders, including WiFi Playback preparing automatic upload from Tablet to Social Media Accounts.

From Canon Digital Learning Center:

Canon Digital Leaning Centre with Jem Schofield On “Video Journalism” Part II:

“Learn how to use the features and functions of the XA25/20 professional camcorder in these instructional tutorials shot on location and hosted by Canon Digital Learning Center contributor Jem Schofield. This video series shows how to leverage the small form factor and the run-and-gun ENG style of the camera to make the most of your production in any situation. In this episode, Jem goes over the Wi-Fi functionalities as Ana prepares her footage to upload to the web via tablet device.”

VIA: Canon USA