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Canon Europe: “A Change Of Heart” with Tania Freimuth On the Sumire Prime Lenses

Canon Europe with Tania Freimuth On the Sumire Prime Lenses, Shows “A Change Of Heart” from shooting a cinematic short in challenging low-lit interiors and outdoor locations with the Technology, On the Sumire Prime Lenses.

From Canon Europe:

“To test out the Sumire Primes in real-world scenarios, three gifted cinematographers were tasked with shooting a cinematic short film in the most challenging of environments, in a very short time – just one or two days.”

“Tania Freimuth, a British cinematographer, pushed the low-light ability of the Sumire Prime lenses to the full, shooting dark scenes in east London – indoors in a restaurant as well as in dimly-lit outdoor locations – where the real test was rendering skin tones accurately and smoothly.”

VIA: Canon Europe