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Canon Europe: “Automotive Video and Still Impressions” with Lee Brimble and Stuart Morgan On the EOS R5 C

Canon Europe with Lee Brimble & Stuart Morgan, Shows “Automotive Video and Still Impressions” from first impressions of the hybrid camera for video and still images find out how the Cinema EOS camera fits into production workflow with the Technology, On the EOS R5 C.

From Canon Europe:

“Automotive hybrid-shooting content creators, Lee Brimble and @Stuart Morgan Productions put the Canon EOS R5 C to the test and share their first impressions. Lee and Stuart are two of the leading automotive content creators in the UK. Lee is a hybrid “stills-first” shooter capturing high-level stills but also has a huge demand for high-quality video for his needs. Stuart is a “video-first” shooter but also needs fantastic stills capability for his workflow.”

VIA: Canon Europe