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Canon Europe: “Barcelona” with Julia Blumenthal & Gil Gropengiesser On the EOS R System

Canon Europe with Julia Blumenthal & Gil Gropengiesser On the EOS R System, Shows “Barcelona” from an approach Behind the Scenes to working with natural lighting conditions for a continuity in the scenes and the Technology, On the EOS R System.

From Canon Europe:

“Julia Blumenthal and Gil Gropengiesser – kindred spirits and wedding photographers – put the new Canon EOS R System to the test with their candid and carefree approach.”

“Their preference of working with natural light, gives their images a natural and honest feel, giving them the ability to better show the true moment unfolding. With the full-frame mirrorless Canon EOS R System, Julia and Gil wanted to test it in different lighting conditions – morning, daylight, backlight, sunset – and they also wanted to shoot video.”

“Being a couple themselves helps Julia and Gil empathise with their subjects. “We really enjoy capturing the emotion and connection of two people in love,” says Gil. “When you shoot a portrait of a single person in gorgeous natural light against an attractive backdrop, it’s certainly nice. But if you can capture a loving couple against that same scenery – it elevates it. There’s just something in the air.”

VIA: Canon Europe