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Canon Europe: “Behind the Scenes Love Us” with Hans Von Sonntag On the Sumire Prime Lenses

Canon Europe with Hans Von Sonntag On the Sumire Prime Lenses, Shows “Behind the Scenes Love Us” from behind the scenes with the Sumire Prime Cinema Lenses that gives a distinctive flared depth of field and vintage look with full-frame sensors and Technology, On the Sumire Prime Lenses.

From Canon Europe:

Canon Europe On the Sumire Prime Lenses “Love Us”:

“As cinematic aesthetics is becoming more and more of a demand for a wider range of types of film, expanding from traditional film and broadcast formats to commercials, music videos and corporate films, this puts new demands on DOPs. It’s becoming increasingly important to carefully select the ideal set of lenses to get that cinematic look and feel that simply can’t be produced by lighting design alone, or replicated in post-production.”

“Responding to this demand, Canon recently released a new range of full-frame cine primes, the Sumire Prime series, which are designed to give a softer, more cinematic look but with the same unified warm colour tone as Canon’s other Cinema EOS lenses and a slightly warmer rendition that flatters skin tones.”

“To test out the Canon Sumire Primes cine lenses in real-world scenarios, three gifted cinematographers were tasked with shooting a cinematic short film. First one out was award-winning German DOP Hans von Sonntag with short film ‘Love Us’. Shot on the island of Tenerife, where the toughest factor was bright, unforgiving overhead sunshine, this was a good test to see how the Sumire Prime lenses would deal with flare and skin tones.”

“He told the story of a young couple in love, largely using the unique look of the Sumire Prime CN-E35mm T1.5 FP X lens shot wide open to highlight the subjects while bringing out the dimensionality of the rugged, dusty landscape.”

VIA: Canon Europe