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Canon Europe: “Building Creative Sets For Portraiture Photography” with Linda Blacker

Canon Europe with Linda Blacker, Shows “Building Creative Sets For Portraiture Photography” from building your own sets for portrait photography find out the possibilities and her tips with creating your set and story with the Technology, On the EOS 5D Mark IV.

From Canon Europe:

“Portrait photographer, Linda Blacker, explains how with a little planning and some extra creativity, you can elevate your photography by designing sets for your subjects.”

“The setting provides a context to the story, it builds up a story that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve with a plain backdrop. It really helped take the idea to the next level and complete the initial vision. – says Linda.”

“The key to set design is to plan, adapt and experiment. Watch the video for tips and trick on how to find, create or repurpose items and build a unique set that enhances your portraits.”

VIA: Canon Europe