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Canon Europe: “Canon 4K Broadcast Lenses” from Montreux Jazz Festival

Canon Europe and Montreux Jazz Festival On the Canon Broadcast Lenses, Shows “Canon 4K Broadcast Lenses” from UHD and HDR standardisation with broadcast lenses for a full experience in a concert environment at Montreux Jazz Festival, On the Canon Broadcast Lenses.

From Canon Europe:

“See how Canon 4K broadcast lenses were used in a 4K HDR environment during Montreux Jazz Festival 2017.””

“The idea behind this collaboration between the EBU, Swiss Broadcaster SRG, Canon and Sony, was to realise and create a full UHD HDR experience in a concert environment, bringing a wow factor to the audience. Sony cameras were equipped with Canon lenses: UHD Digisuper 90 and UHD Digisuper 86, creating a full UHD HDR workflow and a stunning output.”

VIA: Canon Europe