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Canon Europe: “Canon Cinema RAW Light Explained” with Brett Danton & Ollie Kenchington

Canon Europe with Brett Danton & Ollie Kenchington On the EOS C200, EOS C300 Mark III & EOS C500 Mark II, Shows “Canon Cinema RAW Light Explained” from a walk-through with Cinema RAW Light find out the post-production workflow options in this guide.

From Canon Europe:

“Cinema RAW Light, the Canon-developed compact RAW file format is not only fast and easy to use but also allows creatives to achieve results that are simply not possible with other codecs. Advertising filmmaker Brett Danton and colour grading expert Ollie Kenchington discuss how to get to grips with Canon’s Cinema Raw Light and the advantages it brings on shoots.

“RAW scares a lot of people because they think it’s hard to handle, but it’s not, says Brett Danton.

“Ollie Kenchington, who runs an award-winning corporate film production agency adds “Cinema RAW Light is a fantastic codec to work with: lots and lots of data, but lightweight enough to edit with a laptop.”

VIA: Canon Europe