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Canon Europe: “Capturing Sports & Action Photography” with Martin Bissig On the EOS R System

Canon Europe with Martin Bissig On the EOS R System, Shows “Capturing Sports & Action Photography” from capturing sports photography and videography find out his tips for shooting extreme sports in challenging environments with the Technology, On the EOS R5.

From Canon Europe:

“Swiss photographer, Martin Bissig, is renowned for his action photography, and more recently action videography, captured in extreme environments. Whether on arid desert terrain or icy snow peaks, what remains constant is Martin, his two Canon EOS R5 mirrorless cameras and, more often than not, a mountain bike. He has only one chance to get the shot and his gear cannot let him down. In this video, he shares insight into his world of fast-paced shoots and how every physical challenge inspires his passion to shoot more.”

VIA: Canon Europe