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Canon Europe: “Documentary and Wedding Production” with Maciej Mizgier On the EOS C70

Canon Europe with Maciej Mizgier On the EOS C70, Shows “Documentary and Wedding Production” from documentaries to wedding video find out how the camera performs and different recording capabilities with the Technology, On the EOS C70.

From Canon Europe:

“Maciej Mizgier, a filmmaker from Szczecin (Poland), tested the new Canon EOS C70 camera. He took it to a wedding, produced a mini-documentary, and checked its recording capabilities at an outdoor session.”

“It is small and light, but it has great possibilities thanks to the new sensor with DGO technology. This is the same sensor as in the twice as expensive C300 Mark III, but the similarities don’t end there. On board there is also electronic stabilization, false color, a multitude of different recording possibilities, 4.2.2 10 bit up to 120 frames per second.”

“The RF mount, used for the first time in the Cinema EOS series cameras, gives you access to the best lenses on the market.”

VIA: Canon Europe