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Canon Europe: “Fashion’s Photography Move to Motion” with Javier Cortés On the EOS 5D Mark IV & EOS R

Canon Europe with Javier Cortés On the EOS 5D Mark IV & EOS R, Shows “Fashion’s Photography Move to Motion” from the benefits of moving from photography to video find out the world of fashion with the Technology, On the EOS 5D Mark IV & EOS R.

From Canon Europe:

“Canon Ambassador and fashion photographer Javier Cortés talks about the benefits of upskilling to video skills and gives an insights into how he shoots. According to the Spanish fashion photographer and filmmaker “Almost every brand in the world is now looking for video”.”

“Javier started shooting video three years into his photography career. Starting out, he used the same equipment to shoot stills and video, so he was able to switch seamlessly between the two when working on commercials or editorials. He will still use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or Canon EOS R, but as his technical abilities have grown, so has his kitbag, which now includes the Canon Cinema EOS line.”

VIA: Canon Europe