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Canon Europe: “Finding your Photographic Voice” with Jérôme Sessini

Canon Europe and Magnum Photos with Jérôme Sessini Shows “Finding your Photographic Voice”, from a journey into the career of a Magnum Photojournalist find out how he compares photography to music to find his unique inner photographic voice.

From Canon Europe:

“Canon Ambassador Jérôme Sessini talks about his photography and finding your photographic voice. It’s interesting to hear how he compares photography to music.”

“Jérôme has a unique photographic voice, one that he admits may not always be easy to view for the large public. For him, it’s all about honesty of your photography, and he makes you want to stop and think for a bit.”

“I don’t know if my images are beautiful or not, it’ more about find a kind truth. I know that truth doesn’t exist, but to get as close as possible to a certain truth.”

VIA: Canon Europe