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Canon Europe: “In the Hands” with Ivan D’Antonio On the EOS R5

Canon Europe with Ivan D’Antonio On the EOS R5, Shows “In the Hands” from a documentary film-maker in the Abruzzo region of Italy find out how he found the performance in this shoot with the Technology, On the EOS R5.

From Canon Europe:

“The Canon EOS R5’s 8K video capabilities bring benefits to a 4K workflow, including the option of cropping a 4K image from the 8K frame at the editing stage. Not only does this allow a variety of tighter shots to be made from a single camera position, it also makes it possible to use software to zoom, pan and stabilise after filming. Filmmaker Ivan D’Antonio was one of the first filmmakers to put the new Canon EOS R5 through its paces and, in doing so, indulged in these benefits of 8K resolution.”

“When I was shooting the yoga film, I knew I would be able to add more cuts to the edit without having to record the same asana [yoga position] multiple times. Yoga is a slow and controlled practice, but I was able to enhance the rhythm of the film simply by reframing the original 8K master shot of the whole body,” he explains.”

VIA: Canon Europe