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Canon Europe: Introduces the EOS R5 C with Ram Sarup

Canon Europe Introduces the EOS R5 C with Ram Sarup, from Cinema EOS technology and EOS R System in one hybrid camera find out how images and video are merged into one EOS camera for professional video production and stills with the Technology, On the EOS R5 C.

From Canon Europe:

“One of the most amazing things about the new Canon EOS R5 C is that it really feels like two cameras. – says Kevin Clerc. Watch the video to find out his favourite features of the camera while shooting in Madeira.”

Canon Europe with Kevin Clerc On the EOS R5 C “The Soul of Madeira”:

“Kevin Clerc, travel photographer, film director and drone pilot, has chosen the Canon EOS R5 C to create this beautiful video to capture the soul of Madeira. In this beautiful film, Kevin explores what it truly means to find yourself through nature. What it means to find peace in the unpredictable, to be still in the storm, to never stop admiring the power of nature.”

VIA: Canon Europe