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Canon Europe: “Journal Vlogging” with Ellie On the G7 X Mark II

Canon Europe with Ellie On the G7 X Mark II, Shows “Journal Vlogging” from a behind the scenes with techniques on how to take a vlog find out the best shooting tips with a vlog or journal on travel with the Technology, On the G7 X Mark II.

From Canon Europe:

“Vlogging enthusiasts, this one is for you. Vlogger Ellie (aka doyouknowellie) vlogs about travel, mental health and languages. With the Canon G7 X Mark II, she brings you behind the scenes on how she makes a vlog.”

“Her videos are her travel journey or diary, so having an all-in-one camera like the Canon G7 X mark II enables her to captures the scenarios she wants. Here, she talks through the tilting touch screen, built-in f/w.8-2.8 lens and ND filter, image stabilizer from a camera perspective, but also general vlogging tips like the importance of creating your own niche and using your passion to create your vlog.”

VIA: Canon Europe