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Canon Europe: “Learning the Basics” with Rowena On the EOS 250D

Canon Europe On the EOS 250D, Shows “Learning the Basics” from Episode 2 of improving your photos with the lightest EOS DSLR on continuous shooting, flash settings, shutter speed and connectivity with the Technology, On the EOS 250D.

From Canon Europe:

“Are you looking to improve your photos and upgrade to a DSLR? Continue the journey with Rowena, as she captures her daughter Rosie and friend Dave with the Canon EOS 250D.”

“This time, Rowena talks about continuous shooting, using the auto flash and how you can turn down the shutter speed to create a blurred background effect in your portraits. You’ll also learn how you can add filters for new looks, as well as how you can transfer your photos to your phone instantly.”

VIA: Canon Europe