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Canon Europe: “Matching a Second Camera For Video” with Ollie Kenchington On the EOS R & EOS C200

Canon Europe with Ollie Kenchington On the EOS R & EOS C200, Shows “Matching a Second Camera For Video” from matching EOS cameras into a film-kit find out the features and settings for minimum effort in post production with the Technology, On the EOS R & EOS C200.

From Canon Europe:

“Following our video on how Ollie Kenchington has Canon EOS R as a second camera to his film kit, this time, he goes into further detail on how he and his production company uses the EOS R. Key to his needs was to have a second camera that matched the EOS C200 with minimum effort in post production.”

“The EOS R has been engineered from the ground up to match as closely as possible with the cinema EOS range to the point where it includes the same Canon Log gamma, it includes the same neutral color matrix, and those two things are easily listed in a spec sheet, but they mean quite a lot because when you are matching cameras the contrast in color is everything.”

VIA: Canon Europe