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Canon Europe: “Plate to Plate” with Peter Gast On the EOS C200

Canon Europe with Peter Gast On the EOS C200, Shows “Plate to Plate” from a journey through a Michelin-starred chefs story with a documentary on starting one business to another culinary business in the Nederlands, On the EOS C200.

From Canon Europe:

“This is the story of Michelin-starred Dutch chef Peter Gast, told through the Canon EOS C200. Hearing about Gast’s journey, director Alun Pughe knew this was a documentary waiting to be made. With cinematographer Dan Lightening, they spent two days shooting with the new EOS C200, which allows you to record internal Cinema RAW Light up to 4K/50P , and cine-servo lenses to help them realise their plans.”

VIA: Canon Europe