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Canon Europe: “Remote Shooting & Live-Streaming Tips” with Rawad El Hachem On the EOS RP

Canon Europe with Rawad El Hachem On the EOS RP, Shows “Remote Shooting & Live-Streaming Tips” from setting up your camera for live-streaming or remote shooting find out the best ways of working remotely with the Technology, On the EOS RP.

From Canon Europe:

“Being a visual storyteller means adapting to your surroundings. We’re about to channel that quality in our daily work-life.”

“Pause – it’s time to get with the New Normal and show how we’re keeping safe on film sets. Temperatures checked, crew of 3 ready, masks on, social distancing practised, equipment disinfected, meal boxes sealed and recycle bins placed. Ready? Action!”

Canon Europe “Live Streaming Tips”:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; that’s exactly how we’re adjusting in the New Normal.”

“Think angles, lighting and steady frames when live streaming in the new normal. Find your spot that enhances your foreground, get connected to view your shots clearly and add props to make it more personal. Review your script then go live.”

VIA: Canon Europe