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Canon Europe: “Shooting a Cinematic Trailer” On the EOS C700 FF

Canon Europe and Ember Films with Jonathan Jones On the EOS C700 FF, Shows “Shooting a Cinematic Trailer” from an Emmy award-winning UK production house and the full-frame CMOS sensor Technology with director Jonathan Jones, On the EOS C700 FF.

From Canon Europe:

Canon Europe with Ember Films On the EOS C700 FF “Refugium”:

“With a current revolution going on in TV and filmmaking – filmmakes are turning to the Canon EOS C700 FF for its exceptional clarity, performance and stunning cinematic look. When the multi Emmy award-winning UK production house Ember Films faced shooting a high-quality dramatic trailer in three days, the filmmakers turned to the next generation full-frame CMOS sensor found in the Canon EOS C700 FF.”

“Jonathan Jones directed the film, which is set in a world where bees have become extinct, the food chain has broken down and the world has fallen into chaos. “It’s a lot harder to make a trailer as we were having to put the time into making very short scenes in a short time,” says Jonathan, “Normally you get your trailer from a longer, already captured piece and you take out the shots you like. We had to create the shots that might make a trailer so it was all a bit upside down.”

VIA: Canon Europe