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Canon Europe: “Shooting Sophia the Humanoid Robot” with Giulio Di Sturco On the EOS 5DS R

Canon Europe with Giulio Di Sturco On the EOS 5DS R, Shows “Shooting Sophia the Humanoid Robot” from 10 days Photographing Sophia the Humanoid Robot in the lab with a story on artificial intelligence behind the scenes, On the EOS 5DS R.

From Canon Europe:

“Canon Ambassador Giulio Di Sturco wanted to explore the story behind the humanoid robot Sophia and the place she was made. This video gives you an insights into the 10 days he spent documenting life in the lab and shooting portraits of Sophia. Equipped with a Canon EOS 5DS R and a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM and Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens, the images tells the story from a new perspective. One of his photographic dilemmas, should he treat Sophia like a person or an object? Was this portraiture or still-life?”

“There are two ways to take pictures of Sophia,” Giulio says. “One is you give her the expression you want, then you turn her off and spend time making everything perfect. The other is to keep Sophia on and see the reaction she has with the camera. I chose the second. In the beginning she didn’t really engage. It was on the last day that I took the picture that made the magazine cover (below) – it shows the moment when she realised she had to pose for a camera.”

VIA: Canon Europe