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Canon Europe: “Stories From the Sky” with George Steinmetz On the EOS 5DS R

Canon Europe with George Steinmetz On the EOS 5DS R, Shows “Stories From the Sky” from photographic assignments over the World find out how his pictures are taken above on assignment with aerial photography, On the EOS 5DS R.

From Canon Europe:

“George Steinmetz, also known as the “flying photographer”, is famous for his low altitude aerial photography. Equipped with his current camera, the Canon EOS 5DS R, he finds the fidelity and reliability he is looking for.”

“In his project ‘Feeding China’ for National Georgraphic, which documents China’s food crisis, George explores the scale of the issue from above.”

“I love seeing things from above. I think it’s a perspective most people aren’t used to. From above, you can see the expanse of things. I like photographing not super-high but from a couple hundred feet up, so you see the scale. I can see the world from above, but also three-dimensionally at the same time.”

“His favourite lens is the Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM. His kit list also include telephotos and super-wides, but he finds that he takes around three-quarters of his pictures with this lens. He also uses drones.”

VIA: Canon Europe