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Canon Europe: “The Canon Cine-Servo” with Ivo Norenberg On the CN20X50 IAS H Lens

Canon Europe with Ivo Norenberg On the CN20X50 IAS H Lens, Shows “The Canon Cine-Servo” from the manufacturing process of the Cinema Lens for Wildlife, Sports Events and Documentaries for large format sensors find out the process with the Technology, On the CN20X50 IAS H Lens.

From Canon Europe:

World-renowned wildlife cinematographer Ivo Norenberg asked Canon to build him a bespoke lens – the cine-servo CN20X50 IAS H. After approaching several lens manufacturers to see if any of them would be prepared to construct a bespoke zoom lens for a large format camera, his request was rejected by all manufacturers, with one exception. In this video, Ivo explains why he needed such a special lens and you can see some of the stunning wildlife shots he captured using it.

“An ultra-telephoto CINE-SERVO lens, the CN20 x50 IAS H E1/P1 offers stunning 4K performance, 20x zoom and a 1.5x built-in extender for an unrivalled 50-1000mm focal length (75-1500mm with extender). Ideal for sports events and wildlife applications.”

VIA: Canon Europe