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Canon Europe: “The Importance of Relationships in Portraiture Photography” with Oded Wagenstein

Canon Europe with Oded Wagenstein On the EOS 5D Mark IV, Shows “The Importance Of Relationships In Portraiture Photography” from how he captures portrait photography find out his tips with how he approaches a subject and captures an image of the persons story.

From Canon Europe:

“Portrait photographer, Oded Wagenstein, has been focusing on ageing in his work. He has worked with hundreds of people in different communities all around the world and is now sharing his tips and tricks on how to work with subjects to get striking, beautiful and intimate portraiture.”

“Photographing people is one of the most interesting and complicated genres as the photographer has to build relationships with complete strangers. That’s why Oded’s first tip is on how to overcome the fear of approaching strangers. Shooting from up close is a way of saying “I find you important” and can be the first step in building a meaningful relationship with the subject of the photos.”

VIA: Canon Europe