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Canon Europe: “The Redline Challenge” with Kai Wong and Lorenz Holder

Canon Europe with Kai Wong and Lorenz Holder, Shows “The Redline Challenge” from a photography creative Redline Challenge find out how you have a chance to win over €14,000 worth of Canon equipment and recognition from industry experts.

From Canon Europe:

“If you’re an amateur photographer from Europe, the Middle East or Africa, who wants to push their photography further; this is your chance to challenge your creativity, test your technical know-how and gain recognition from industry experts.”

“Take on the shoot brief, Light in the dark, set by Lorenz Holder; the ultimate test of your talent and technical know-how.”

“And the prize?, You are in it to win a masterclass with Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder and over €14,000 worth of Canon kit to shoot and print on. How does this sound?”

VIA: Canon Europe