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Canon Europe: “The Shot” with Audun Rikardsen On the EOS 6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV & 1D X Mark II

Canon Europe with Audun Rikardsen On the EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark IV & EOS 1D X Mark II, Shows “The Shot” from the Artic weather conditions and building under water housing for Nordic Wildlife Photography in the Artic Circle.

From Canon Europe:

“Discover how Audun Rikardsen faces snow, sleet and the Arctic sea with his L-series lenses, creating world-leading wildlife photography.”

“During the polar nights when the sun never rises, it is just 4°C in the tumultuous, frigid Norwegian Sea. The city of Tromsø is further north than many people ever venture – 350km above the Arctic Circle. These are facts that don’t deter Canon Ambassador Audun Rikardsen. In pursuit of photographs of Nordic wildlife, he uses his Canon bodies and trusted L-series lenses in punishing conditions: left for days, weeks and months in snow, sleet, hail and wind.”

VIA: Canon Europe