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Canon Europe: “Wedding Photography” with Katya Mukhina On the EOS R System & RF Lenses

Canon Europe with Katya Mukhina On the EOS R System & RF Lenses, Shows “Wedding Photography” from remote Icelandic locations for a wedding project covering the remote landscapes of Iceland using the RF Lenses, On the EOS R System.

From Canon Europe:

“Canon Ambassador Katya Mukhina’s latest project, Iceland Elopement, featured a couple on a romantic photo shoot in remote Icelandic locations. Using the Canon EOS R with new lenses Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM and Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L USM, the fast lenses allowed exceptionally sharp images, as she captured her couple in the stunning Icelandic remote landscapes.”

“Get an insight into her shoot in Iceland to see how she work with the challenges of the environment, whilst pulling on all the emotions from the couple in her storytelling.”

VIA: Canon Europe