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Canon Europe: “Why Full-Frame Photography” with Gergo Kazsimer & Jitka Smelhausova On the EOS RP

Canon Europe with Gergo Kazsimer and Jitka Smelhausova On the EOS RP, Shows “Why Full-Frame Photography” from the benefits of using a full-frame sensor and why the quality helped and impacted their photography with the Technology, On the EOS RP.

From Canon Europe:

“Travel photographers Gergo Kazsimer and Jitka Smelhausova talk about the benefits of moving to full frame. Equipped with the Canon EOS RP, they detail why they moved to full frame and how this has impacted their photography.”

“The main thing was overall image quality. I have always been interested in landscape photography, and the quality and detail were crucial to me. I also wanted to experiment low light and astro photography, and I knew that the full frame sensor would definitely help in trickier conditions.”

VIA: Canon Europe