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Canon Europe: “Why it Matters Who’s Behind the Lens” from Visa Pour L’Image

Canon Europe and Visa Pour L’Image with ICRC, Anush Babajanyan, Patrick Baz, Daniel Obeid, Roham Salih and Emma Hope, Shows “Why it Matters who’s Behind the Lens” from this years photojournalism festival find out how visual stories are told behind the lens in conflict regions by local young visual storytellers.

From Canon Europe:

“During this year’s Visa pour L’Image international photojournalism festival, Canon, together with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) hosted ‘Unfiltered’ a joint panel event. Inspired by Canon’s work with the ICRC in nurturing young visual storytellers in areas affected by conflict, experts discussed why who’s behind the lens is important.”

“The panel discussion highlighted how the visual stories we see in the media can be affected by the fact that photojournalists documenting these conflicts are often from outside the community they’re reporting on. Getting local people behind the lens to tell their own stories is key to tackling this problem and giving them a voice.”

“Participating in the panel discussion were: Kathryn Cook-Pellegrin (ICRC), Fabrizio Carboni (ICRC), Ayda El Ghoul (ICRC), Anush Babajanyan (Photojournalist and winner of the 19th Canon Female Photojournalist of the Year Grant), Patrick Baz (Founder of the Beirut Center of Photography and former AFP Photo Director for the MENA region), Daniel Obeid (Canon Young People Programme participant), Roham Salih (ICRC) and Emma Hope (Canon).”

VIA: Canon Europe