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Canon Europe: “Wildlife Filming” with Sophie Darlington On the CN20x50 Lens

Canon Europe with Sophie Darlington On the CN20x50 Lens, Shows “Wildlife Filming” from BAFTA-winning wildlife filmmaker find out her journey and her experience using the ultra-zoom lens for wildlife with the Technology, On the CN20x50 Lens.

From Canon Europe:

“Wouldn’t it be great to inspire people?”, says BAFTA-winning wildlife filmmaker Sophia Darling, and she certainly does. Here, she talks about why she likes filming with the Canon CN20x50 lens and why, as a long lens, it’s ‘the only choice’ in her mind.”

“Canon are the only people who make an ultra-zoom for wildlife that does enough. The CN20x50 is amazing. I remember laying my hand on it for the first time, it’s incredible as it’s got a 180 rotation. If you’re pulling focus and you’ve got a cheetah running, you really have to move that barrel.”

VIA: Canon Europe