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Canon Europe: “Wildlife Photography In Remarkable Places” with Lucia Griggi On the L-Series Telephoto Prime Lenses

Canon Europe with Lucia Griggi On the L-Series Telephoto Prime Lenses, Shows “Wildlife Photography In Remarkable Places” from a travel and wildlife photographer find out her story in the polar regions shooting with the Technology, On the L-Series Telephoto Prime Lenses.

From Canon Europe:

“Wildlife and travel photographer Lucia Griggi shares her stories and techniques for photographing nature in untouched parts of the world – from penguins in -40°C conditions to birds flying at speed, taken from a boat – using Canon L-series telephoto prime lenses.”

“Primes to me might not give me the flexibility to be able to reframe my shot, but it focuses my eye, she says, adding that knowing she can rely on her lenses’ robust build, excellent AF tracking and Image Stabilization gives me my shot.”

VIA: Canon Europe