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Canon Europe: “Wildlife Photography” with Chris Packham On the EOS 5DS R

Canon Europe with Chris Packham On the EOS 5DS R, Shows “Wildlife Photography” from a career as a UK television presenter find out how a love for wildlife and nature influences his photography and images with the Technology, On the EOS 5DS R.

From Canon Europe:

“In this video, Chris Packham, one of the UK’s best-known television presenters, shares his love of the natural world and raising awareness of environmental issues. Alongside his presenting career, he’s also a prolific author and a prominent conservationist and animal rights campaigner. Yet, as a young man, Chris’s main career ambition was to be a wildlife photographer, and it’s a passion that has continued throughout his life.”

“His photographic expertise has led to invitations to judge prestigious competitions including Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Here, Chris talks about his love of nature, his photography and why he remains dedicated to Canon kit.”

VIA: Canon Europe