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Canon France: “Cannes Film Festival” with Sébastien Devaud On the EOS C700

Canon France with Sébastien Devaud On the EOS C700, Shows “Cannes Film Festival” from the Red Carpet in 4K and high-end image quality, On the EOS C700, Sébastien Devaud Shows the capability and performance from Cannes Film Festival.

From Canon France:

“Sébastien Devaud, a great TV director and a Canon explorer, captured the attention of the actors who traveled to the Cannes Film Festival last May for his 70th edition. For this, he chose the model Cinema camera EOS C700 from Canon. She was the perfect tool! This camera has been designed to meet the specific needs of the most demanding cinema and television production producers thanks to its versatility and adaptability. Also, the performance of its autofocus facilitates the work of reporters and directors in the field. High-end 4K camera, it offers a great potential in terms of dynamics and level of image quality. It is modular in order to adapt to all shooting requirements with a large range of accessories and for the first time benefit from compatibility with the Apple ProRes format.”

VIA: Canon France