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Canon France: “INSEPARABLE” with Tetsuo Nagata On the EOS C700

Canon France with Steve Duchesne and Tetsuo Nagata On the EOS C700, Shows “INSEPARABLE” from the low-light Image Quality and Dynamic Range Performance from the high-end EOS C700, low-light bar scene from Steve Duchesne and Tetsuo Nagata.

From Canon France:

“Extract from the short film INSEPARABLE filmed with a Canon EOS C700 camera, this film was directed by Steve Duchesne and produced by Alcibal Productions with, as Director of Photography, Tetsuo Nagata (twice awarded at César for La Chambre des officiers and La Môme). Steve Duchesne and Tetsuo Nagata have explored the great potential in terms of dynamics and image quality level of this high-end 4K camera. In this excerpt, you can judge its ability to shoot in low light thanks to the great sensitivity of its sensor and its excellent dynamics. This camera has been designed to meet the specific needs of the most demanding film and television production executives thanks to its versatility and adaptability. It benefits from compatibility with the Apple ProRes format.”

VIA: Canon France