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Canon Global: “Capturing His Rainbow” with Jjuuko Hoods On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon Global with Jjuuko Hoods On the EOS 5D Mark IV, Shows “Capturing His Rainbow” Ugandan Artist and Painter Jjuuko Hoods from his village enlists and Photographs Friends, Paint, Powder and Smoke Flares for the Project, On the EOS 5D Mark IV.

From Canon Global:

“Young Jjuuko Hoods is inspired by color. With a sketchbook and a handful of crayons, he sets out to capture them, but even as an adult with canvas and paint he can’t quite show what he experiences. So much of what he sees is always changing.”

“Rinsing his paintbrush, he thinks of a new way to show what is in his mind. Armed with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, paint, powder, and smoke flares he begins in his studio and finds his way back to his village. Enlisting his friends, he is able to freeze colors as they move and change using his Canon’s fast shutter speed.”

“At the end of the day, Jjuuko is able to show his friends using WiFi function and Canon Camera Connect. He can share his art with his people as well as the beauty of his village with the rest of the world.”

“They have created something beautiful and permanent in ways young Jjuuko could never have dreamed.”

VIA: Canon Global